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Levi Jacobs (Amsterdam, 1993) makes fine art, usually presented in the form of an installation with the (/his) body as a source of inspiration. He doesn’t limit himself to one field, but works with a broad range of materials. Examples are: ceramics, drawing, painting, plastics, (photo/video) projection, wood, chocolate and more. This combined into an installation, making it possible to walk around or stand within, to emphasize the different points of view one can have on the subject of the artwork.  

A frequent theme in Jacobs’ work is sexuality and gender. For his whole life Jacobs has been researching these subjects, and he uses his art as an expression of his findings. He is continuously looking and searching for his own position within the contemporary gay culture in Amsterdam, as a young, transgender gay man. 


Artist Sex worker Artist Show, No Limits! Art Castle Amsterdam

Gluren bij de buren, Bar Bario, Bilderdijkstraat, Amsterdam

Solo expositie, Eetcafé Skek, Zeedijk Amsterdam

Afstudeerexpo Breitner Academie, Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten


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